2016 Taipei Public Housing Exhibition

台北城市發展館-2016 台北公共住宅展

Completion Year: 2016

Location: Taipei


The Voice Of The Citizens.Openness.Dialogue


The awaken of citizen consciousness, the living justice becomes the subject which all the people cared about. The public housing exhibition creates a platform in which a city and the citizen can communicate with each other. Inspiring from urban architecture as the design concept, we expect to visit the real life of the resident by open view , experiences the place spirit, and to discribe various publice housing issues through exhibition, the content includes the future city development and uses genuine historical data to record publice housing development, and discussion of limitation under laws and regulations. Designing an openly interactive experience explores future living.


The White Power

白色象徵著純潔 、和平、正義,同時也是柯市長身穿白袍行醫期間濟弱扶貧的精神象徵。讓公共住宅承載這白色精神,發揮最大的居住正義。

White symbolizes purity, peace and justice. Meanwhile, it is the spiritual symbol of Mayor Ko Wen-Je as he wearing a white robe
helping the patient. Let the public housing carrying the white spirit, to maximize the living justice.


The Floating Island


To achieve the goal of public housing is a common vision of Taiwan youth. Uphold the belief in the exhibition design, we use the glass to create a floating island as a symbol of hope. On the island, it bearing the public housing models. Through the light and shadow projected on the ground, representing that these future visions will be fully built in the land of Taipei. Public housing would be an integral part of the future residential structure.

一坪空間  3.24


Through the space of 3.24㎡, the big cube will get attention of visitors and guided into the exhibition, the furniture frame on the wall is telling visitors that housing is a basic needs of people, not luxury.

家.巷| Home Alley


The house's image frame, arousing the people to desire and imagine the home. Let people can enjoy interesting of life with crossover multi-level three-dimensional space and second-dimensional plane.