Poetic Glamo Furniture Design 詩意韶華家具設計


The Best Time – The Moment where Rationality and Sensibility Intersect


“Poetic Glamor” Series was a furniture product line with the theme of “Time”, embodied in timber materials, realized in 4 product pieces such as single chair, tea table, clothing rack and floor lamp. The conceptual point of departure was a depiction of the lives of the Youth of 1920’s Chinese Literature Movement, in a search of where the cultures of the East and West shall intersect and collide, as well as the formal articulation of furniture from the new thinking stemmed from its infusion in the old era, as depicted in the poem of Poet, C.M. Hsu,


“I am a cloud in the sky,
Occasionally projected onto your ripples,
No need for bewilderment, much less for joy,
Suddenly vanished into oblivion.”



As what used to be the disciplined rhythmic movement and phonetics in the traditional poetry, was deconstructed by the Western Colloquialism movement, the creation of the New Poetry still preserves the beautiful portrayal of form and objects by Chinese texts. “Poetic Glamor” would naturally epitomize such design, amalgamated with the essences of the Eastern and Western aesthetics, while embodying the elegance and serenity of the traditional Eastern sensibility as well as the Western rational arrayed configuration, and in this fast-paced world, the furniture design envisaged shall be allowing users to reminisce the everyday arts and beauty in their home living.

The Manifestation of Craft – The sensible Eastern Aesthetics Built on Contrasting Design


The "Poetic Glamor" furniture series furniture is based on the concept of shapes, texture, and dimension, with contrast in form and material, fused together in contrasting formats through design, With genuine timber materials embedded with brass pieces for outstanding refined finishing. With perpendicular joint technique, the seemingly angled-form single-piece chair may seem supple and round-form in its styling effect, and the similar design approach in techniques can also be adopted in tea-table, clothing rack and floor lamp, as the sensual yet elegant design, complemented with contrasting forms and materials, in a modulated modernized response to the purity in the Eastern aesthetics.

square and sleek, hard and soft, high and low. It looks like two opposite shapes and materials, and is skillfully combined in a contrasting manner through design. With warm wood materials as the main body, it is inlaid with golden copper strips and willows to create an elegant and exquisite texture. At the right angle of ninety degrees, they are joined together, and the seemingly angular single chair is closed in the shape of the outer circle at the inner edge of the seam and the armrest. The similar method is also applied to the coffee table and the hanger. With the design of the vertical lamp, the emotional and classical design, supplemented by the contrasting image and materials, let the texture of the details and crafts, through the contemporary operation, more specifically in the form of contrast control, respond to the spirit of the oriental aesthetics.

Spatial Form Construct – Contemporary Diversity Modulated with Multiplicity in Furniture


Apart from the formal design, the combination of various objects, has been a key feature in the “Poetic Glamor” Furniture Series, in that how furniture is no longer confined by its given functionality while responding to the diverse needs of the new eras, but through various number of pieces, mix-and-match of items, before creating new usage models, which was the focus of the design process. A series of flexible configurations of the clothing rack spells different facilitation configurations of different clothing and accessories usage, and it may also be converted to a freestanding partitioning screen with decorative effects. The single-piece chair may become double-seat sofa in twin-set combination mode, according to user needs. The combination of tea tables of various heights can be combined to accommodate various usage needs, all of which is not just an emphasis on the existing functionality of furniture but to suit the diverse nature of contemporary life.