Residence of Art 西溪之畔.輕藝之邸

Residence of artistic and light living by Xixi Wetland

Completion Year: 2021

Status: Built


House as a carrier of the personalized lifestyle



For a long time, the public regarded houses as living machines, especially those designed in the 20th century led by the idea of modularity and single-functional-space zoning. However, such kinds of thinking can be no longer satisfy contemporary life. In the face of smart technological developments, many new possibilities of modern living have emerged. The residential design is returning to face the users' needs, promoting solutions that can meet both current and future life and further build "home" as a personalized yet multifaceted living carrier.

The project is a single house adjacent to the Xixi Wetland Park in Hangzhou, with the cultural heritage and natural landscape of this historic city. The house owner is a young couple who work as senior executives in a large enterprise, wanted to enjoy the slow living and develop their diverse interests within the compact pace of daily life. Therefore, a proposal that integrated essential features while building a unique lifestyle that reflects the occupants’ individuality in this large-scale residence had become the challenge of this project.


Interpreting the residence with light living and artistic living


In this project, the design team divided house-owners' lifestyles into two major types: light living and artistic living. Light living means a relatively low-burden lifestyle that emphasizes health and sustainability. In terms of interior design, spaces of the gym and billiard room were installed to satisfy the need for exercise. A natural garden set to responding the interests of planting and vegetarian diet and the meditation space was for having moments of self-refinement. On the other hand, artistic living equipped spaces with functionalities of study, workshop, gallery, and audiovisual entertaining, reflecting the enhancement and emphasis of personal taste nowadays. By analyzing and summarizing the two ways of living, the team had perfectly put the post-dimensions-era lifestyle into practice and corresponded it with the living space, presenting an exquisite yet unique residence.


Enriching the ideal daily life with an open floor plan


Since an open floor plan was implemented in this spacious interior space, the living, dining room, and kitchen on the first floor, bedrooms, study room, walk-in closet, and the second floor’s corridor could all be flexibly connected. While the partitions are closed, rooms become independent and private, but they can be linked together to form a large open space when opened. Such retractable concept breaks the traditional housing experience enclosed and boring, enabling the spaces with different functionalities integrated into storytelling and communicative residence. This interior design brings rich and diverse possibilities to daily life in a simple and clear environment, thus defining an ideal lifestyle.