ROLANSINI 2020 Guangzhou Design Week

定製家中門,感知心內窗 “The Frame of Mind” - Customize doors at home, and perceive inner windows of the mind.



Concept Extension- View doors and windows as core spirits of arts



ROLANSINI is a Chinese representative brand (for doors and windows) with the essence of “Seeing Windows as Views of Life, and Doors as Spirits of Mind.” Our team effortlessly delivered this idea by holding “The Frame of View” in 2019 Guangzhou Design Week. In 2020, we continued to apply the former artisanal collaborative experiences and the notion of cross-disciplines, which creates contemplative perceptions and stunning sparks to establish “The Frame of Mind.”With immersive dancing movement, it re-interprets the relationship between “still and moves,” ”doors, windows and screens,” “audiences and performers,” “inners and outers ,” and “mentality and objects.” Taking the doors and windows’intermediary characteristics as a factor to reflect the brand-new spatial value.



Cross Disciplines- Dancing rhythm brings up spatial perception



“The Frame of View” presents seven phases of life; instead,“The Frame of Mind ” represents seven steps of human’s mental conditions in a day, and continues to be developed into narrative motion scenes - Loneliness (Midnight), Revival (Dawn) , Freshness (Morning), Overwhelm (Noon), Release (Afternoon), Eternity (Dusk), and Settlement (Evening). The exhibit space is designed not only to echo the changing time sequence from dawn to midnight, but also provide audiences chances to reflect themselves during the day.

The spatial design is demonstrated by emerging modern theatrical-style performance with multi-media screens, which circularly switch, adjust, and commence “The Seven Steps of the Day.” With the combination of vision, audio, perceptions, and rhythms, modern performers dance randomly with abstract metaphors to present their prolonged thoughts. As they hop and dance, the whole exhibit space suddenly becomes a theater. The audiences can stand aside or take a sneak peek from the outside, and enjoy moments from bystanders’ view. Products, dancers, and theatrical-style space shape people’s inner mood swings, and create planned and instant immersive theatrical experiences.


In and Out – A ethereal light box delivers a sincere invitation



Various brands show off individuality, aesthetics, and brand essence with their exhibit design in a holistic scope. ROLANSINI stands out from this visual chaos by appearing simple sealed box with the metaphor of human inners. The audiences can also glimpse from the outside and enjoy the high saturated films projected on LED screens. On the other hand, people are invited to get closer to the inside part of the ethereal lightbox to understand the brand better.

The inner box is designed with a free-arranged floor plan. The seven scenes of the day are switched in time sequence as display items remain still. However, the exhibits may rearrange the floor plan by moving doors and devices to create visual effects in seven different scenes. The design team successfully establishes a high contrast field of “in and out” and “calm and chaos” in the simplest way.