Origin of Business Weekly – The Site of Cultural Exchanges Connecting Taiwanese Vocabulary Symbols

Business Weekly – Reporting on Trends


In the face of the rapidly technological changes, living and working life has been changing with each passing day, therefore the demand for office space usage by large enterprises has also seen qualitative changes, as the standard office space has been closely integrated with the contemporary culture, values and concepts of the corporation itself so that users are able to experience diverse services in space, and to receive new concepts. Founded in 1987, Business Weekly has spanned the last 30 years, as it was the first weekly magazine in the Chinese-speaking world with the theme in finance and economics. It is also the most influential financial magazine in Taiwan. In the face of today's changing time, Business Weekly also hopes to create an attempt to reflect upon cross-disciplinary affairs, as a new epitome of its own era. In addition to constructing the office space suitable for writers, it will also accommodate seminars and shared office spaces in creating an office culture that is unique to Business Weekly, and the contemporary spirit of leadership.

The Spirit of Loci – Unique Expression Woven Together with Building Materials ad Techniques


With regards to this iconic publishing corporation, the design was to create a charming ambiance of knowledge, life and aesthetics of Taiwan in this office through its unique traditional building materials and techniques. As surrounded by ample tropical plantation and flora, the spacious interior comes to symbolize the vibrancy and freedom of the open era. With the traditional Hokkien-style red bricks, pebbles, and blue-dyed colors and other materials, along with mixed-technique elevations complemented by traditional metal grille, embossed glass screen, and rectangular Taiwan eucalyptus long table, and wooden door, with rich colors, materials and techniques, as the metaphor of the enriched history of architectural aesthetics, and the spirit of the unique craftsmanship of the craft era.

Mobile Office – De-Centralized Work Interaction Domain


In this era that emphasizes on sustainability, the pursuit and the continuation of the overall resources have become an important topic in the deconstruction of contemporary architecture and space. And in line with the Zeitgeist, the magazines and publishing industry also produced many practitioners outside the existing system. Through the liberation of the discipline and the design of open office, these groups can naturally be integrated into the overall environment. For spaces that are de-centralized and de-organized, with multiple usages and composite functions, such as bookstores, flora, cafe., on one hand, allows the space to be utilized more efficiently, and also create a lively and constructive dialogue and communication. A mobile office concept without fixed tables and seats lead to a shared, mobile workplace. In addition, through the planning of the "Business Week Academy", combined with the concept of in-work and lifelong learning, the spirit of perseverance shall be channeled into the new field of work, while persevering with the open and diverse office spaces, as well as being the lecture hall that create a living, open complex space in housing a contemporary publishing office that combines curriculum, exhibitions, lectures, hospitality and mobile working. Business Weekly - A workplace that emphasizes on sustainability, sharing, trends, and life.