Chess-Zither No.18 十八重奏公設空間


Completion Year: 2017


Interwoven Layers – Composite Spatial Metaphor Constructed by Precise Axis


Next to Love River, in close proximity to a major wetland park inside a Kaohsiung Metro Area, a twenty-four-story modern residential tower, situated amongst old low-rise buildings, and with the design of black and white appearance, verticality vector with intersecting line work, it created a simple and energetic visual ambiance. With a modernist styling spatial appearance, from the exterior to the interior, as well as the premise of original spatial condition, resulting in variable ambiance and flexible program public domain, having interior landscape as the main spatial body, having meticulous borrowed-scenery metaphor and precise axis and layout composition.

Composite Lobby – Diverse Living Landscape of Multi-valent organization


With the large atrium on the right-hand side as the main reception area of the tower, within a such large area, the stair circulation path is the inflection point of the space, with size, dimension, and levels of different platform mingled in producing a landscape of irregular stair pockets as a solution for uncertain vertical path and inconvenience, in conjunction with the height-differed scenery in the back. With the end-piece vista based on a large podium at turning corners with full-height windows an outdoor water view and tree walls, it created a layered spatial medium. The interior landscaping design, adds to the possibility of multiple programs for the domain, such as a reception area, space for workshops, music recitals, and community social events.

Between the Virtual and Reality – The Public Domain Constructed from Masonry and Glass Materials


Upon entry, the open corridor is made from black gloss masonry materials, complemented by the recessed metal material ceiling, shaping the unique grandeur ambiance of a high-end residence. To the left of the corridor is the reception counter and complimentary service area, with its refined masonry pattern, it constructs a stern quality consistent with the main corridor. The end of the corridor is the elevator lobby and mail room, in white-color marble material complemented by a recessed black L-shaped mail cabinet design, the main cabinet is not just a functional block but a spatial moderating element in softening the space artistically and elegantly, so that the vertical wall inducing a con tenuous spatial effect. With regards to the open space to the right of the stair lobby, through the transparency of glass materials, creates a visual enlargement in a confined space. Through the blurred and virtualized spatial boundary, the program has been multiplied, as the public space in the residential tower has been given a new meaning.