DIKENI Flagship Store 迪克尼旗艦店


Completion Year: 2018

Location: Xi'an

The new retail model of apparel industry



As this is a time of fast-paced lifestyle, as opposed to consumers subject to endless yet possibly futile searches for his/her ideal apparel in storefront channels, the need to keep up with the tide of fashion without having spent precious spares time in malls, looking for clothes that suit them, they would surely benefit from the new retail mechanism where they are guided by their personal preferences as well as by professional input of fashion stylists to find their ideal fashion apparels. In DIKENI, we provide much-needed assistance to VIP customers through professional shop-guidance devices from personal statistics of height, weight, body shape, and size to the big data of personal fashion tastes and seasonal fashion trends, in digitally displaying and presenting the most in-style fashion ensemble as our tailor-made fashion ensemble experiences for VIP patrons.

Impact of New species – Cross-Industry Collaboration between DIKENI Apparel and Nature Homeware



Apart from the introduction of a new retail model, in the face of the current fast-paced commercial landscape, DIKENI Apparel has formed a cross-industry collaboration with Nature Homeware, in the hope of generating some sparks, as both DIKENI and Nature Homeware has the young generation born in the ’80s, the youthful core in the society who are hard-working yet with tasteful lifestyle, as the main consumer target, so through this collaboration, there shall be retail block with Nature Homeware theme in DIKENI stores, and DIKENI merchandise display in Nature Homeware store.

Spatial Experiences – Apparel-Driven Life Solution



This project is the flagship store of DIKENI Apparel in Xian’s All-Night Store, a prime corner location, so in terms of spatial design and layout, apart from the normal existing retail display area, it features an independent Café section connecting the interior with the exterior, with flexible glass sliding door design facilitating two-way dialogue. So, apart from the NATURE above Homeware design, there was also a blue color which is the DIKENI Corporate Identity color, with emphasis on artistic decorations, a central fashion runway, a VIP Customer Styling section, and a rest area, along with a display area of individual accessories segments for wallets, ties, shoes, purses, and watches, etc. Therefore, DIKENI Xian Store is not just a point of sale but a platform featuring apparel-related solutions that informs its patrons on styling and fashion trends, as well as designs that fulfill the brand-new needs of contemporary consumers.