Red Apple 2021 CBD Fair Premium 2021廣州建博會紅蘋果高訂館展位


Completion Year: 2021

Location: Guangzhou


Red Apple furniture - A warm companion to all


Over the years, Red Apple has constantly pursued excellence in panel furniture, and with its 40th anniversary drawing near, modification and update of the brand image were initiated. The renewal focuses on building upon the foundation of high-quality products and emphasizing heartfelt innovation, youthfulness, progress, and culture. Today, Red Apple's corporate belief of becoming a warm companion to all can be seen in its production system, product design, marketing, and retail spaces. Furthermore, all affiliated spatial planning is implemented with these core values to extend the brand's essence. Thus, breaking away from the conventional interior design and starting from a simple mindset comprised of practicality, robustness, and aesthetics, accentuating spatial perception and the continuity and integrity of the brand identity.


In the name of the home - An exhibit design shaping the essence of a home


This year at the China International Building Decoration Fair in Guangzhou, Red Apple hosted two grand exhibition areas called the Premium and Scopic pavilions, creating an independent yet interconnected display style. The Premium Pavilion, as the name suggests, features sophisticated custom furniture. These distinctive products focus on materials, craftsmanship, adjoining details, and design aesthetics; as such, a corresponding presentation space is needed to accentuate these aspects. Therefore, the team incorporated the primary brand color of honest red as the dominant hue and a deep ochre red leather with irregular patterns to strengthen the refined individuality of the custom-made product line. The exterior design of the pavilion is also an extension of the redesigned brand logo, expanding housing elements of slanted roofs and gables from the concept of reshaping the home within the apple.


Core agglomeration - New scenes of life under an encompassing concept


Extending from the form of the "house," the exhibit interior planning also stems from the vision of a home. Using a circular concept that connects the various living areas to present an intuitive and fundamental home impression to visitors. The subtle and elegant space comprises mainly of honest and ochre red with Morandi-hued furniture and indirect lighting. The team also integrated the service-oriented sections of the counter, square, rest area, and culture corridor with the display-oriented regions of the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, and cloakroom. Thus, the different areas are spread throughout the exhibit and linked together with a circular flow of space to create spatial cohesion. Through this encompassing layout, visitors can experience various atmospheres as they weave in and out between service and display spaces and forge a deep connection towards the brand and its products.