Haining Tea House


Completion Year: -

Status: Under Constructon



Designed by CHU-Studio, Prime of Tea is a teahouse located in Haining, China. The penetrating design of the ground floor enhances the sense of poetic, and further creating communications with time. Appreciate the building from different views, the three main building volumes seem to be all independent while maintaining the association with each, perfectly responding to those romantic pasts in this place.



Overviewing the place, the wide-opened ground floor and landscape-like ramps built at both sides were solutions to adapt the narrow and irregular building lot. It blurred the boundary of the field and the building itself, also, allowed visitors to stroll all the way to the courtyard which slightly beneath ground level. Within the building, five rooms are respectively facing the inside and outside with various directions, symbolizing five specific moments. Each of their balconies had designed with detailed considerations, endowing the unique yet delightful scenery. Go up to the second floor, the semi-outdoor space set like a theater stage, creating the atmosphere of Chinese traditional drama that is loved by generations.