House Jhan 桃園詹宅


Completion Year: 2013

Status: Built


We intended to create a simple but expansive space to satisfy the dominant theme of this home art and living. We were leaving “white spaces” to display our client’s art collections which amplified the artistic atmosphere. Several “space commas” is dedicated to the interconnection and flow of the spacious floor areas. In this design, we break the framework of each space, treating the four levels as one whole space. The stairs are designed as an indoor “landscape” element blending into the living room on the ground floor.

貫穿四個樓層的梯間成為使用率最頻繁與視覺最匯集的公共空間,因而置入許多的「空間逗點」(space comma)來創造許多生活事件的可能,豐富及聯結家人的互動的機會。

The stair that penetrates through the four floors is the most frequently used public space that converges our eyesight. Therefore we inserted a few “space commas” to provoke possibilities happening at these places and to interconnect family members’ interaction incidences.



The penthouse is the boy’s room. The contrast colors black, white, and gray and the arrangement of glass and steel material are used to elaborate on the boy’s interest in making. With the plain and unembellished design, the master bedroom is perceived as an understated comfort space. The grand desk demolishes the oppressed feel of the division walls and perfectly defines the bedroom and the study room area, expanding the room and flow.