Dwelling of Transparency – Interwoven Changes in Living and Working

Elongated Residence – New-Generation Urban Living Space


Shanghai, a city that brings together modern Eastern civilization and business opportunities, the New Pudong Area on the banks of the Huangpu River, a modern residential building along the riverside, shaped the prosperity of our contemporary urbanization. This project is a new-style building in this district. As the male client is A Senior Director in Alibaba Group, the young couple moved to Shanghai from Taiwan for professional relocation, and considering their lifestyle, space usage needs, and reliance on internet, the design team has specially arranged the L-shaped floor plan into a public area consisting of a living room, a dining area, and a kitchen, with the private space containing the master bedroom and the guest bedroom, which can satisfy various spatial usage requirements through a flexible sliding door, and enhances the linear spatial mood through design techniques.

Variability - Flexible Spatial Functional Design


In order to address different usage demand of this living space, the design sought to emphasize the variability in the multi-usage of the space, and as the female client has had a long history in dance learning which means that there is also the need for practice at home. Consequently, the amount of furnishings was reduced in the public domains, instead there were a small number of movable furniture with high storage cabinets which can be adjusted to give way to dance-practice space at any time, while the elevations of the kitchen was also designed as a mirrored sliding door, as the scale of the public domain was extended between the opening and the closing of the sliding door, which can accommodate the visits of families and friends, as well as articulating the axial nature of visual extension. Behind the sliding door was a kitchen designed with an open island bench-top, which is a continuation of the storage design of the public domain. The kitchen needs to accommodate storage for a large number of kitchen utensils, pots and pans in the setting of a modern and simple space, as well as being equipped with an oven in the center. The long table with the stove, the sink and the bar space made the kitchen a special social and event space for the clients to carry out activities such as video conferencing, and family reading and talking, in addition to the daily cooking and cooking space.

Quality of Warmth – Residential Domain Constructed by White-Color Tone and Timber Work


As the interior was presented in a modern and minimalist style, with a clean, flawless white color spatial theme, a mix of light-colored timber work created a rustic and elegant home living environment. Upon entry, the wall with white Terrazzo, complemented by raised floor as the boundary between the inside and outside of the interior space, and to the right-hand side of the entrance, the main living area that includes the guest bedroom, dining area, and master bedroom, the stretches of wooden floor stretches with a continuous elevation treated with paulownia veneer with intersecting divides, with underlying natural texture of timber work, conveyed a unique home-like quality. In order to strengthen the consistency and continuity of the space, the design especially concealed the entrance and exit of the connected spaces in the wall to enhance the overall sense and rituality of the interior domain.