Jiahe Reception Center 嘉合接待會所


Completion Year: 2021

Location: Hangzhou


Condominium-urban housing with a mix-use of residential and commercial


This project is a reception center of Jiahe Real Estate in Hangzhou, which devoted a long time to developing residential properties, especially the new form of housing called “condominium” or “condo”. That is a small area, low unit price, and a residential space suitable for young people to live in, focusing on sharing the integration of residence and commercial.

To maximize space usage, the design team adopted a high ceiling design in this real estate’s preliminary planning. The high-ceiling flat sells for only the same price as a general one while enabling the homeowner to divide it into double levels, forming a compact residence with high freedom and satisfying multiple functionalities. Such a spatial type that developed under the demand for urban living offered brand new residential solutions for those younger who lack financial capacity. They can work and live in the same space in condos, ensuring high practicality and freedom within urban life.


Breath-tranquility within the bustling city


As the building lot is located in Hangzhou CBD, surrounded by heavy traffic and noisy crowd, the design team implemented the courtyard style to create ambiguous visual cues in the reception center’s plan. Thus, a peaceful experience is delivered while strolling by the winding trail and those well-designed gaps and holes between buildings.

Walking down the winding trails, visitors can enjoy the greenish garden, clear sky, and limpid ponds. All these details allow people to relieve themselves from a busy urban life into a calm place. Such an atmosphere change from intense to tranquil and accidentally has an enjoyable feeling.


Lifestyle-a personalized and interactive spatial experience


The reception center is mainly used to promote the condo mentioned in the first paragraph, a compact residence that offers the young opportunities for autonomy and multiple possibilities of living, working, or mix-using. More affordable than an ordinary house, giving the house-owner the flexibility to present their personalized lifestyle.

In response to this characteristic, the team has set aside a social area to hold various seminars, workshops, and lectures besides meeting sessions. All these activities are open access to neighborhood residents and communities as goodwill and feedback. Eventually, the multi-functionality set the reception center to be more than a commercial carrier, but it further acts as a community center, echoing real estate enterprise’s essences and aspirations.