Red Apple 2020 SIFE 2020深圳家博會展紅蘋果展位


Completion Year: 2020

Location: Guangzhou


Lift weights if light: A new interpretation of wood-based panels furniture



Red Apple Furniture is a traditional Hong Kong manufacturer founded in 1981, which integrated R&D, manufacturing, marketing, and servicing. They specialize in high-end mattresses, bedding, sofas, customized furniture, and especially the “wood-based panels furniture” that are tables, seats, cabinets, and furniture made of systematic woody panels. With devoted more than 30 years, Red Apple Furniture has successfully expanded their business among the Chinese market with high quality, well-designed, and environmentally friendly products, gaining consumer’s appreciation.

The concept of “lifting weights inspires the brand if light” to respond to its mission statement through the lightweight and subtractive design, rising to challenge. With innovative thinking and product line-up matching contemporary life, they aspire to subvert the market and their branding image with high-quality furniture of aesthetics and a sense of modern.


Interactive showcase: The form of open-access showrooms and staggered platforms



To strengthen Red Apple Furniture’s attempt to revolutionize the industry, this exhibition booth in SCW 2019 was designed to present its upgrading ambition. As a result, the rough rectangular area was divided into inner and outer sections for different purposes. The outer ring was a combination of individual display rooms, which are connected by corridors. Here, the latest seasonal products are presented through open-access showrooms.

On the other hand, the central part was planned as a public space and meeting area, with a raised platform for various functionalities and the average-elevated wide stairs to form an amphitheater-like landscape. This exhibition organized a variety of courses, seminars, and workshops to enhance interaction among visitors.


In pursuit of sustainability: The re-utilization of reusable lightweight materials



Due to the exhibition’s short timeliness, most of the booths are built with temporary materials and structures to shorten the construction process. Considering of this demand, the team chose relatively lightweight metal frames as the structure and recyclable polycarbonate translucent panels as the facade, giving the interior a mysterious yet ambiguous atmosphere.

While these structural objects having the characteristics of lightweight, transportable, and easy-to- install, they were disassembled and applied in the retail store for re-utilization after the exhibition. Throughout concrete actions, Red Apple Furniture had reflected their pursuit and emphasis on sustainable lifestyle, as a solid response to the contemporary demand of light life.