Red Apple 7i 紅蘋果家居品牌識別設計



品牌簡介/企業 Logo

Brand Introduction / Logo


"There's no such thing as an eternally youthful brand, but consumers are always youthful." With 4 decades of product development, manufacturing, sales, and service experience, Red Apple manifests itself as a brand that holds quality, design aesthetics, and environmental issues in high regard. In turn, they have gained the recognition of consumers far and wide. Faced with a growing need to revamp the brand itself to a new era, we came together to produce a branding system (5i) with the goal of "getting to know you again" in mind. The brand logo is reborn through a modern, streamlined approach, with the past concept of "Red Apple + home" transformed and adjusted to mark the bold transition of this corporation.



Color Scheme


The primary color plays a crucial part in cultivating the visual identity. For Red Apple, Honest Red, Vigorous pink, and warm tones grey make up its primary hues to revitalize its existing crimson visuals. Furthermore, concealing pink inside red portrays the beliefs of striving for progress within its products' subtle exteriors while unveiling its youthful energy to the world. In terms of the secondary colors, we created four hues with the characteristics of exquisiteness, core, vibrance, and perception per potential usage in the future. The tandem use and collocation of the four-color sets act as a visual guide that fulfills the visual integrity in both virtual and physical scenarios.





The patterns derive from four significant elements of the logomark, which are: the house-shaped symbol, apple house mark, gradient hues, and curves. These features are translated and implemented throughout printed matter, digital images, showroom spaces, and multi-media outlets. By maintaining the unanimity of scale and color of these patterns, the youthful, steadfast, authentic, and lively image of Red Apple's brand can be expanded swiftly throughout digital and physical channels.



Brand IP


Red Apple's spirit of "Your good companion in life" is extended to the brand's KOL. From those values, a squad exhibiting warmth, honesty, and camaraderie is conceived. The team is comprised of five characters that vary in design and traits, which include forms derived from a bedside cabinet, a lamp, a sofa, a chair, and a bed. The personality of characters reflects the attributes of their respective furniture and is also combined with the secondary to create original personas. Through these virtual brand spokesperson, the brand image's versatility is increased, expanding to an ever-growing pool of new-age consumers.

藝術總監 Art Director
邵唯晏 Alfie Shao
陳宛瑄 Mia Chen
專案管理 Project Managers
陳宛瑄 Mia Chen
邵子曦 Zixi Shao
專案團隊 Project Team
專責主案 Lead Designer     :孫廷睿 Memphis Sun
平面設計 Graphic Design      :孫廷睿 Memphis Sun、林宛瑜 Megan Lin
概念發展 Concept Development:林宛瑜 Megan Lin、蘇聖文 Adam Su
文本撰寫 Copywriting       :蘇聖文 Adam Su
動態設計 Motion Graphic       :許恩溥 Enpu Hsu
KOL 設計 Character Design  :許恩溥 Enpu Hsu、陳皜曄 Jason Chen
業主 Client
紅創家居(深圳)有限公司 RADD (Shenzhen) Furnitures Limited​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
年份 Year:2021