之間 – 南昌托斯卡納未來店2.0


Multiple translation- a new type of retail store con-constructing by qualitative living



Since the beginning of the industrial age, displaying and sales of particular products focus on efficiency, precision, practical mode. Facing the contemporary of rapid technological progress and information delayering, traditional tiles shops with a single category, static presentation and lacking of elasticity 1.0 sales mode are facing severe challenges. Exactly in present, how we rethink physical retail stores through new thinking? Operating design the space by HCI, placing of cultural life and the combination of different ways, will possibly drive the entity retail business behavior to evolve to 2.0 model? This is our attempt to the tile sales space located in Mainland Nanchang.


Free plan- Disintegrating the boundary and constructing cultural life experience space



Free plan as the main core development of the indoor space. Rectangular plans are covered with clear ceiling windows. An angle retreat space, located in the short side of entrance, as an intermediary area for indoor and outdoor, enhances the quality of space and to accept possible events.  The linear bar counter, located in the center, as a counter, bookshelf, dining table or equipment, constructs a clear relationship between the axis and spatial order for the real and decorated columns on the opposite side. In a leisure field creating by bar counter and cafe tables and chairs, we attempt to display and sell tiles by the one-dimensional intuitive static presentation via an atmosphere full of cultural life, retired to the "cultural life" as the main body of the space structure, so that the whole field is more Inclusive and extensible.


Relative importance-creating levels of rich appearance by light and light-tone materials


In the elevation of 15 meters, designed with light-colored thin brick as the base, the building is contrasted from the dark surroundings of the main body, by stacking steadily of light materials, by modular collaging by digital arithmetic and misplacing of high glossy and matte finishing, and by combining with both sides of the mirror trims, in creating rich levels, cleverly containing the trademark totem and creating the burring and simplified facade narrative.


Composite box- the tile display box combining with multiple presentations


Five display boxes along the outside long direction, as the main product display areas, in the four different facades of the display box, respectively use large amount of P1.8 LED panel wall, extract style of solid material display cabinets and artistic tile showcases working with artists, to display the objects which needed to be matched and to concentrate enrichment in the display box by combining different ways. Simultaneously, through the public exhibition table, creates a feeling like into the art museum. This is a field of experiencing life and the merchandise display is stealth in variety of ways, creating a new sales experience with space design.