3vjia Trustexporter 2020 SIFE 2020深圳家博會展三維家展位


Completion Year: 2020

Location: Guangzhou


3vjia –A one-stop home platform for the digital age



It is a whole new purchasing experience developed in the thriving network time through high technology such as Cloud Computing, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence to build up internet usage and virtual experiences for customers. With the unique online platform, 3vjia could easily connect consumers and professional home-object vendors and practice its “One-Stop Service” from needs confirmations, style preferences, item selections, spatial simulation, installing software and home decoration, and order placement product installments. The consumer could quickly go through purchasing processes on the platform with the seller’s guidance.

In product service, 3vjia aims to divide residential space into eight modular systems, including a top wall, aluminum alloy doors and windows, hydroelectric, brick paving, painting, cabinet, sanitary, and wood custom home design. The precise categorization and one-stop procedure set up a new benchmark for the modern home materials industry. Our team designed eight separate systems as eight individual art windows in the exhibit space. Visitors could go through a smooth spatial experience with “One-Stop Service,” which emerged in both online and offline purchasing contexts.


Scenario Experience – A interactive exhibit space with surrounded circulation




3vjia, as an enterprise, advertised software technology for their advantage, for the domestic industry and consumer businesses. The design team highlights 3vjia’s brand value: digital experiences by using a lot of digital approaches. This exhibition is designed as an opening plan and focuses on user scenarios.

The inside part of the exhibit space was split into five main blocks. The first counter, called” Future Virtual 3vjia Entrance,” offers basic information. The second stop, named “Future 3vjia Meeting Area,” provides services of discussions, experiences, and displays.” Variant Design Corridor” is the third stop to present brand-developing records and previous designers’ works. Then, the “Technology Software Interaction Area” lets purchasers select products via an online platform and experience spatial simulation. Finally, visitors will reach “Digital Factory,” which displays the product-making procedures and data.


Digital Thinking An Intelligent design with interweaving virtual reality



To create a digital and technological atmosphere and strengthen visitors’ impression of the brand in the exhibition space, the design team reinforced the connection between brand identities and corporate images. For example, they reinterpret science fiction such as the entrance with the notion of a spaceship; they also apply computing punctuations and digital coding screens on the design corridor.

The software part is formed by minimal with speedy futuristic style and combining the hardware such as VR, HCI…, and other digital media equipment technology. The design team integrated the online guide-purchases system to strengthen the overall atmosphere and made the visitors walk from reality to virtuality and from virtuality to reality. It redefined the brand image of 3vjia.