House Yang 士林楊宅


Completion Year: 2016

Status: Built


Integrating-the combined use of resident and office


In the core area north of Taipei City, well-known for the high-rise apartment housing with the high qualitative living and convenient functions, one simple and low profile house is stealth one of them invisibly. By a narrow shaped interior plan, corresponds to the life form and special needs of the young owner couple. The male master who is financial trader working at home, thus we cleverly gather the functional service spaces to the long side near the entrance, rest of living and working fields scattering to a completely open large area. Through open-closed movable wall surfaces and screens, form a group of different structures of spatial patterns according to different time, atmosphere and using needs.


Linking- a variety of possibility for space


The whole interior is slid through the slidable wooden panels, sometimes to be walls, sometimes to be doors, by weaken the corresponding of each space and its virtual and actual situation. Dining room located in the center of the room, is the intermediary block linking to different areas by using the wooden panels and movable TV wall, fully demonstrated the space with the use of modular adjustment of mobility and variability, creating an open but private area. The second half of space is for the working area and master bedroom, continues using wood pavement combined gray-black texture from the public area, showing a uniform warm tone.  In simple words, the space as a whole, in the most simple way, complex and varied spaces properly integrate in one.


Warm tone- Moist life of the fine craftsmanship


Overall space uses the natural feel of wood materials, soft and visual atmosphere as the main tone. Just entering the main door, by the mixture of Indus veneer wall, wood flooring and gray-black metal parts of the foyer to forty-five degrees turning roundabout creates a low profile and sincere invitation. Main public areas, forming by living, dining, landscape bath, and the kitchen constructed by crude wood, in a completely open form, shows a broad and comfortable home life scale. In the huge interior space, along the short side of the road, long horizontal windows introduce light into the room. Grey tone of the ceiling, bumps texture of the cultured stone wall and wooden wall construct rich texture of living atmosphere. The other side of space is boldly placed in an open-style square shape of landscape bath, complemented a covered design of wrapping around the wooden grilles, facing to a sparse planting indoor balcony outside the ceiling window, with sunshine and green, creating a leisurely holiday experience in a relatively limited interior space.